Hi Pam,

We are really enjoying our new puppy íStrykerí that is now 8 months old, and all I can say is ĎThanksí over and over again. He is such a joy to have in our family. By far he is the most obedient and loving puppy that I have ever owned. He never jumps on my kids, he is very patient with them and he loves to follow them everywhere. I definitely feel safer with him by their side. He is so perfect when on the lead with me or my kids. If you stop, he stops and sits. You donít even have to say anything, he just has great manners. He is a very quick learner and loves to please. We couldnít ask for a better puppy. Stryker is definitely showing more herding skills. He is starting to watch the sheep and cattle more intensely and we canít wait to really get him started and see what he can do.  He is Fantastic and we are so grateful to have such a wonderful puppy in our family.

Thanks once again and we are definitely looking forward to getting another puppy from you here in the future.Thanks.


Hi Pam!

Harper is a wonderful addition to our family. She is 8 months old now and everyday shows us how smart she is. I think sometimes she really can read our minds! Harper's herding instincts are really starting to emerge and is beginning to show potential in the round pen with sheep. Pam, we appreciate you very much. Your honesty and hard work ethics will make your dreams come true.

Thanks again,

Larry & Deanna Loeffler

Hi Pam,  

I love the new website, itís beautiful and full of new photos and information.  I so enjoy hearing about all of the other people that have been blessed with one of your pups.  I feel as if I am part of a huge extended family.   

Blu is doing very well.  He is approaching 2 years old and is quite the gentleman.  He is so loving, sweet and protective.  I simply canít imagine my life without him in it.  He is my constant shadow, always nearby ready for a scratch or a cuddle.  He is as handsome as they come, taking after his Dad Andyís build and grace.  But oh can he be a clown..  We have the best time, always..  At present we are working on ďget itĒ which in Bluís world means pick it up and take it where Mom and Dad want it.  Which really comes in handy while doing yard work..  Yesterday he was told to get a branch and bring it to Dad and though it was cumbersome, he succeeded and was so proud of himself he did a little spin and took off running around the yard showing off.  He is such a good boy.  I am hoping that when you next have an Andy x Kelly litter I will be able to be blessed again with a new bundle of joy from Watson RanchÖ. Next time though I will be making the drive from Atlanta to Missouri as I am so anxious to meet you and your wonderful dogs..   


Karen Thomas

Hi Pam,

Tess has not grown too much more and is still at that gangly stage because she is sooooo active. She still loves frisbee and now Shadow is right behind her. Shadow does not care for frisbee but loves to chase Tess. They are quite the pair. They share everything from toys to food and rawhides. The favorite game is to sneek away the rawhide from the other one. We have to separate them sometimes in the evening because their play gets too wild. I think Shadow will be a big girl as she does not like running as much as Tess. They both love gator rides and Shadow loves the early mornings when she can lay in the grass and get her tummy rubbed. Thanks for both of our girls!

Thank you

Susan Marksbury

Hi Pam,
We have really enjoyed owning Gunner. We take him out at least twice a day on a nice, long walk. Everyone who sees Gunner has to pet him. People are always amazed at the things he has already learned to do. He can sit, stay, sneak (so cute), bring, spin, beg, and kennel at 14 weeks old!  When we take a shower, he pulls back the outside curtain and sits there waiting for us to get out. He loves the water. We took our female lab (Sadie) and Gunner to a small pond to swim the other day. This was Gunner's first time and when Sadie jumped in, Gunner leapt in right after her. As soon as he got out of the water he had to roll around in the dirt. He is hilarious. He really has no fear as far as trying something new. He is a little reserved with people, but if they approach him the correct way that immediately disappears. Mark takes him over to the nursing home to visit his mother, and the people there are very impressed by him.  All of our family is sure enjoying him. 

Thanks for a wonderful pup!  Monica & Mark

I am writing this as I prepare for treatments next week.  Mike and I know that Sweet Grace is part of His plan. She was laying on the floor next to the couch as I took a rest this afternoon and I noticed she got up every so often to "check on me". It was different than her "get up and play with me" nudging. She would just lay her face on the couch next to mine for a couple seconds and then lay back down. We know it will take a while, but she'll be a great Therapy Dog someday. It's so comforting to have Christian friends who understand the importance of living in His will.  We admire you so much. You are a
wonderful example of someone who has used their gifts and talents to share the Lord with the world around you. We're praising Him in all circumstances!

Love, Sue

I inquired about purchasing an Aussie puppy from the Watsons in early November. After several telephone conversations and hearing about "Jackie" it definitely sounded as if she was the one.  I drove down to Missouri where I was impressed to see such a wonderful and beautiful ranch. The Watsons were fabulous and there facilities were the best I have ever seen. Their aussies have huge areas to romp and play, not the typical little dog runs of so many professional breeders. Their puppies are very well socialized, extremely healthy, with great dispositions.  I must say that Andy is beyond belief. Just seeing him gives so much insight into the puppies that they are raising there. He is definitely pure Aussie in attitude/temperament. Jackie, now called Faith is by far the best dog I have owned, or been owned by. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone seeking an Aussie to speak with Pam, better people you will not find ANYWHERE. Pam, get ready for another phone call in the next year or so...Faith would not mind a playmate!  Thank ya'll so very much.

Paul Lorraine

Hi Pam,

"Germany is wonderful! I have many friends and everyone likes me because I am such a friendly and amazing little girl. I am very athletic and I learn very quickly. I am looking forward to when I am grown up, so that I can do Agility training; I already like the tunnel sooo much...

best wishes,   Your Piper

Hi Pam

We didn't end up going to Toronto, instead we went somewhere better.... Red River Gorge in Kentucky. Some friends and I went camping and hiked about 15 miles of the Daniel Boone National Forest, and let me tell you, Ok-Tai was exhausted for the next 48 hours!!!! I think he was in dog heaven... free to roam around the camp site, in the wild with trees and animals he has never seen and all the attention he received from me and my friends!!! We are going again in June.

Thanks again for a wonderful companion!


Hi Pam,
I just wanted to send you a few updated pictures of Banjo. He is from Andy and Patsy. He just turned "1" on April 7th and is now a whopping 80 lbs of pure muscle. He is doing great and is an absolute joy. He constantly makes us laugh. He is a wonderful dog and has brought us so much joy. He loves going for car rides. We receive compliments on him wherever we go. Him and Sydney (our female aussie) get along great and run and play all the time. He still loves water and splashes in his water bowl and the pond when we turn our heads :).

Thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family.

Kathy Nelson

Hi Pam! I haven't written you since we bought Lizzie from you last December. She has grown so fast! Lizzie is a very energetic dog and loves to play games outside and run around on the farm! She just turned one in November and we are very pleased with how she has matured; she is a beautiful dog. We began some basic obedience training with her this summer and she catches on so quickly. We plan on continuing her obedience training this coming spring along with agility! With her energy and enthusiasm we think she will be a great success!! Thanks for everything that you've done to provide us with such a wonderful dog. We appreciate it!

Devan Crowe

I came upon the Watson Ranch website while searching for Aussies. While there were many sites I visited I kept returning to the Sagecreek Aussies page. There were two reasons for this; 1st Pamís Aussies look like Aussies. I saw many sites where the dogs didnít conform to what I believe an Aussie should look like. Secondly, Pamís page stressed how big a part temperament played in her breeding program.

This was vital to me as I had previously owned two Aussies with wonderful temperaments and was looking for that well-rounded disposition again. After speaking with Pam on the phone I was convinced that I was making a good decision. We traveled from Ohio to Missouri and met Pam and the puppy she had selected for us. The Watson Ranch is in fact a working ranch. Seeing Pam interact with her dogs gave me more reason to trust my decision. Weíve had Bailey for 10 months and we couldnít be more pleased with her. Sheís a wonderful dog with a sweet disposition. We often baby sit our neighborís 18 month old son and the two of them are great friends. He lays on her and walks (pulls?) her around on the leash and she just good-naturedly goes along. Bailey is great around other dogs and cats as well. She is intelligent and was easily trained.  If you are considering buying an Aussie I would suggest you look no further. I canít imagine you could find a better Aussie anywhere.

Tim Murphy



Sydney is now a 1 1/2 years old and Maverick is 7 months and they have both brought so much joy into out lives. They are like our children and I can't thank you enough for letting us have them. They sleep with us at night and follow us all around the house all day. You can tell that they are brother and sister because they have two completely different personalities. Sydney loves to get attention and Maverick is happy being by himself. That's not to say that Maverick isn't a big baby because he is. Sydney weighs about 50 pounds and Maverick about 55 pounds; they are both very healthy. When I took them to the vet last, she said she has never seen two healthier dogs than ours. They are both very smart and we have never had any trouble with either of them. I still go on your web site to look at the new pups, and if it were up to me I would get another one. Thank you for breeding such

wonderful Australian Shepherds. Without you and what you do, Eugene and I would not be this happy. I hope that you will continue your breeding program so that others can also enjoy this magnificent breed!

Thank you again,

Carrie and Eugene

My, how time flies! It's been a while since I've sent pictures of Axel...and his cohort, Cash! We added a Schipperke to the family in January '06 and we've all been super busy bringing him up. Axel has done a terrific job of teaching him to be a great dog. Ted and I know we are probably only responsible for 30% of his education. Axel is just the best "big brother" any pup could hope for. They're so close and we couldn't be happier. Beyond that, Axel is my best friend. He's sensitive and loving and has bonded really well with me and "dad". He has quite a large vocabulary and stays right in the yard without being taught to do that. He is just full of love and dedication and has a great sense of humor. We love him very much!!

I've attached some recent pictures so you can see how absolutely beautiful he has turned out to be. His eyes are gorgeous!

Pam! I wanted to drop you a line and give some updates on Spur. Talk about an awesome little guy...we absolutely love him, even Dolly has warmed up to him. They come in the house every evening and hang out with us!! Spur is very well behaved...He listens so well for a puppy his age, he's wise beyond his years. He's already sitting and doing down on our command and you should see him play with the frisbee. He shows a very natural interest in the cattle. He really doesn't have that destructive puppy behavior...oh, don't get me wrong...we've had a couple things chewed up and a few new holes in the yard, but really nothing bad. I could go on and on about how much we love him...he listens so well and is always eager to please us. Know that Spur is very happy in West Virginia...eating, sleeping, playing, working, and playing in his water bowl (you should see him dive in with both front feet...we hope this is a habit he gets over...water every where).

The Snyder Family

Hi Pam, Hope all is well. I just saw your latest litter, what a bunch of beautiful boys? We are thoroughly enjoying Tazzie and she is most certainly enjoying life on Bainbridge. She is such a cute, bright, and affectionate puppy. The kids enjoy playing with her while I am away at work during the week and she is already taking long walks with me on evenings and weekends. She loves playing jungle dog in my flower beds. She especially likes to burrow beneath shrubs to stay cool and never passes up an opportunity to lounge amongst or atop the flowers. Fortunately I love my darling puppy more than I care about my manicured garden! It's a Bainbridge thing! The attached picture shows Tazzie claiming her status as master of the flower bed and stretching out amongst the tall grass. I hope you enjoy them......

I'm sure it does not get nearly as warm here as it does in Missouri but we had a few 90 degree days a week or so ago and I took the opportunity to go swimming in the Puget Sound. Tazzie was so intrigued by the water that she jumped right in off a large rock and boy was she surprised. I guess the dog paddle comes naturally! That didn't scare her for she kept jumping in and swimming to me. She's a

natural Island dog! She has so many of the funny habits that our Molly had, that we have come to know as Aussie traits. Most particularly she gently picks up her 1st piece of kibble with each meal, takes it over to a quiet place on my Persian rug and slowly savors it before going back for the rest. She also will only eat when she is in the company of others and when she takes a walk she loves to run ahead tumbling over things along the way stopping throughout to look back for her master before proceeding. We had our 3 month check up to day. The vet said she is very happy, healthy (18 pounds) and well adjusted puppy. We are so pleased! I don't think we could have chosen a more compatible pet for our family if I had the opportunity to visit the litter myself.          Thanks Pam!

"Hi Watsonís

Wow, it looks like youíve all been very busy.. The new pups are beautiful! We are just so happy with our little Blu we honestly canít thank you enough. I look forward to seeing him every day when I get home from work. He is so happy and loving, everyone he meets falls in love with him. He is enjoying playing with our other dogs and just goes crazy with our youngest daughter Bry who is 12. They have formed a bond that is so sweet to see. Blu has to wake her up every morning, even on Saturday and Sunday.. When she swims in the pool he goes crazy with worry and follows her all around outside the pool while she is swimming. He is nearing 60 pounds now, so he is no small Aussie. He must take after his Dad Andy. Well, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Blu is healthy, happy, and doing well.       Take care, Karen

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